Semi-Precious Stones in Sterling Silver

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Semi-precious stones are also known as gemstones or gems gotten from a portion of a mineral. This portion of mineral, if, refined and cut, can be used to make jewelry and other decorative ornaments. Not only minerals are considered gemstones, some gemstones are cut from some organic resources or precise rocks like amber or jet. These organic resources can also be used to make jewelry and are very well within the rights of being called gemstones too.

In the west, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are called precious stones. Every other stone outside these four are called semi-precious stones. However, this classification is commercial based, and it was an idea created by marketers several years ago to give the impression that precious stones have more value than semi-precious stones. For instance, a mid-quality sapphire is not as valuable as a Tsavorite green garnet. But the West has already ingrained the misconception that precious stones are more valuable. So, in context, semi-precious and precious stones have their difference, but mostly, this difference is from a sales-value perspective. To know more about semi-precious stones, what they mean and what they do, continue reading this article.


Amethyst is a precious and very valuable Stone. It has a bright violet purple color and is the birthstone for the month of February. It is a member of the quartz mineral group. It contains some iron and aluminum impurities which are responsible for its purple colors. Amethyst has the power to do many things, but it’s healing abilities are second to none. Amethyst helps soothe and stimulate the mind as

well as emotions. It propels the energy of fire, passion, resourcefulness and spirituality. It helps you stay sober and enables the sense of restraint.

  1. OPAL

Opal comes from different places like Australia, Mexico, the United States and Brazil. The true value or cost of opal is dependent on the occurrence of color flashes and the nature of the opal. Each sort of opal is more distinguishably separable than other gemstones. Opals are the most elusive gems that people wear globally. Taking care of opals also requires a different approach compared to other gemstones.

Opal is a well-known gemstone that has healing powers. It is deeply connected to wisdom and legend, and its healing powers are specifically for the eyes. It is the birthstone for the month of October, and it radiates a calming energy.


This semi-precious stone is a blend of plagioclase albite and sheet mica to create an opaque and transparent obligoclase. This stone has an attractive look thanks to its unique effervescent-like glow. The name itself is derived from the bluish and white shimmer of the stone which looks a lot like moonlight.

Moonshine is popular for its alias as the traveler’s stone because of its ability to protect anybody who has it and is traveling at night when the moon is out. Moonshine helps you recognize love and a sense of belonging. It is useful for people who have just found love.

  1. TOPAZ

Topaz comes in a wide array of colors, which include red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, brown and clear. The most shared Topaz variant is the Blue Topaz that has a medium hue. It is not all that expensive to get a huge chunk of the stone. It is extremely hard with a high refractive index. There is a rare form of Topaz that is a bit uncommon named Imperial Topaz.

Topaz has the powers to influence your actions and judgement and fills up your mind with karmic thoughts. It cleanses your feelings and engagements. It helps get rid of static energy, delivers comfort and sympathy and activates cosmic consciousness.


Blue Topaz came into existence more than 2,000 years ago, and the first people to use this stone were the Egyptians. It is an aluminum silicate which is made up of fluorine and hydroxyl. When in its purest form, it does not have any color.

Blue Topaz is an excellent semi-precious Stone used for seeking forgiveness, reconciling differences and developing a persevering nature. It also has some healing properties hay helps prevent addictions and destructive behavior. It is a semi-precious Stone that brings about cheerfulness and trust.


Amber from the Baltic refers to a tree resin that has turned to a fossil which comes in different colors and shapes. Amber from the Baltic is suitable for wearing only and should never be chewed or ingested. It contains succinic acid, which is where it gets its healing property from. Amber from the Baltic is an excellent natural analgesic that helps with pain relief. Once the amber rests against your body, it gets warm, and your body absorbs the succinic acid to heal you of any pain.

Amber from the Baltic has been in use for years as healing for various ailments and pain such as arthritis and teething problems. Research by scientists has also shown that succinic acid has beneficial effects on the body. It keeps the body’s acid level balanced and stimulates the thyroid gland to soothe inflammation. Amber has a lot of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties, which have made it one of the most valuable semi-precious gemstones in the world.